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The sky is falling.

So....what do you consider to be a "nice day"? Many object to skies that are wont to emit dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) without their specific permission. On the other hand there are those of us who revel in the fact that there are over 200 names (or Pantone shades) of green, and without all the rain that our winters provide, our world would not be all that green, except for the wandering cacti. No cacti here. I'm looking out over my drawing desk towards Penn Cove and listening to the rain on the roof. As long as the rain remains on the roof, I am sanguine about my place in the world. I worry about some of our wildlife, though. The photo below show our favorite heron "Nixon" on the dock. He does not appear pleased about any part of his world, and he has spoken to me before about his impatience for global warming to come here.

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