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A Drawing from Long Ago.

The "Space Twins". I actually have no idea what pens and paper I used for this, as the original was claimed by the universe decades ago. This was, however, the front album cover art for Doc Rockit's first album. I'm guessing this was done 1975, 1976. The name "Azugi" was the name the band went by for several years. The rumor is that it came to Martin Bond (the guitarist) in a dream. The only reference of Azugi to a real thing is that we've been told it means "green plant food" in the Japanese language. I have no doubt that some Japanese Language speaker will come along and disabuse us of this notion, but in the meantime, I travel the universe in monochromatic bliss. Above, you will see a 5 pointed star in a circle, which is a pentacle. At the top of the star you will see the planetary symbol for Neptune, which is the planet for Pieces, which corresponds to the horoscope for Harry Case, the drummer. On the left, of the star is the planetary symbol for Mercury, which is the ruling planet for Gemini and Martin Bond, the guitarist. On the right, is the planetary symbol for the Moon, which is the ruling planet for Cancer, for Loren Iwerks, the bassist. The circle is actually 7 circles for the 7 levels of consciousness defined by......Karl Jung? (Not sure. My brain may be full, I'm just not sure of what.) The outermost ring includes the text "Electric City North America" which is an anagram that forms our first names. There are three rings that include Martin, Harry, and Loren left-right. The two amorphous creatures are aqua-divers or spacemen, depending on your inclinations. The one on the left is holding a lighting bolt and his other hand is technological pointer which represents the various technologies that support noisy rock bands. The one on the right is holding a "T" which is the sign of Thoth, the ancient Egyptian god of poets, intellectuals, artists, musicians, etc. His other hand becomes a lemniscate symbolic of the universe.

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