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Glaring at paper.

This is a photo of me at my drawing desk, (overlooking Penn Cove) deciding exactly what crimes against hot pressed bleached wood pulp I will commit today. This is a desk that I built/assembled specifically for drawing. The things that look like a NASA mission control panel, are Daler Rowney FW acrylic inks. I blatantly name drop in a futile hope of sponsorship, but if another manufacturer (I'm looking at YOU, Golden!) wanted to jump on the endorsement bandwagon, I am listening. To get the inks to flow properly on my teeny, teeny Deleter Maru mapping nibs (that I buy out of a Manga supply store in Japan) I use a bit of Golden Acrylic Flow Release (like a drop or so per oz.) mixed with distilled water to reduce the surface tension of the inks. I mix my colors in 1/4oz bottles and dilute for watercolor effects. Coupeville is a wonderful place to live, and is reputed to be the artistic center of the universe, but I cannot stand to either drink or draw with the water out of the tap. In fact all the grocery stores on Whidbey Island appear to offer bulk filtered water (bring your own container). My favorite papers are Lanaquarlle hot press watercolor papers, but I also like the 75# Canson Mi-Tientes paper, as it is flexible enough that I can scan larger pieces onto my little Epson scanner. My favorite pencils are Rotring .3mm mechanical pencils with 4H leads.

My desktop computers are older Dell's with 32Gb of RAM each, the better to managing the enormous graphic files (.psb) that result from high resolution imaging. One runs Win10/64 and the other runs a Linux Mint 64bit. My graphics printer is an Epson SC-P800. I've managed to print onto glass with trickery with acrylic digital mediums, although it's a hassle.

My toilet paper brand.......

Since you asked, I drink Folgers medium roast coffee, which sits on a Mr. Coffee cup warmer.

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